We have a wide variety of customers in different industries. Below is a sample list of BillMate users.

Main line of business
Wholesale of stationary and other office
Advertising Agency Active Ltd Advertising agency
Advertising Agency Define Focus Advertising agency
AM Accessory Service Wholesale of work clothes and footwears
Ammtrakki Ltd Manufacture of radio transmitters
Appliance Service Nikkanen Repair of electrical household goods
Badger Excavator Demolition and wrecking of buildings
Basic Chemistry of Finland Ltd Wholesale of chemical products
Biogreen Ltd Wholesale of health food
Birdman Ltd Wholesale of clothing and footwear
Building Plate Jokinen Erection of roof covering and frames
Breakaway Ltd Wholesale of sports and leisure goods
Chemfield Ltd Technical testing and analysis
Datalight Ltd Wholesale of computers and software
Da´steppaz Entertainment Program services for Nigth clubs and companies
Design Kuopio & Salmela Industrial design
Dimensio IT Store Retail sale of computer hardware
DT Marketing Ltd Sporting activities
Enäkoski Ltd Management consultancy activities
Fin Machining Manufacture of plastic products
Finnish Rental Homes Ltd Letting of dwellings
Green Energy Ltd Wholesale of plumbing and heating equipment
Grefinn Ltd Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
Haloma Ltd Machine workshop
Intercon Manufacture of media services
IT Mill Ltd Software consultancy and supply
JAP Digital Ltd Software consultancy and supply
JM-Multiproject Ltd Electrical engineering design
JM-Solutions Ltd Software consultancy and supply
JNT Finland Ltd Import/selling of car and boat cleaning products
Joyride Games Ltd Manufacture of sports goods
Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences Polytechnic
Kai Myllyniemi Ltd Other telecommunications
KarFinn-Kos Ltd Retail sale of motor vehicles
Keiron Ltd Town and city planning
KM Electricity & Security Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
K&T Design Ltd Industrial design
Lappeenranta Plate Product Ltd Heating, plumbing and air-conditioning design
LapSec Ltd Investigation and security activities
Law Office Law Assistance Ltd Law office
Luomajärvi Horse Inn Tourist assistance activities n.e.c.
Machine Service Terho Jyrkinen Repair of agricultural and forestry machinery
MILSEC Finland Ltd Security products and services
M-One Ltd Arrangement of events
Nedcon Ltd General construction of buildings
Nikunet Ltd Manufacture of wood products
Nokia Mini Sign Ltd Manufacture of sign products
Nurmi - Interior General construction of floors
Parquet Aces General construction of buildings
PC-Team Computer services
Quality Light Ltd Wholesale of electrical equipment
Rantelli Ltd Farming of swine
RAU-Service Ltd Heating, plumbing and ventilation
Rautacom Ltd Retail sale of building materials
Resta Partners & Members Ltd Restaurant
Rialinna Fishing Equipment Manufacture of fishing equipment
Russell Wilfred Photography Ltd Photographic studio activities
R-House Ltd Letting of real estate
SBG International Ltd Agents involved in the sale of food
Scandinavian United Metal Importers Ltd Wholesale of steel and metal products
Security Group Ltd Wholesale of security products
Semita Ltd Activities auxiliary to insurance
Sorhio Ltd Manufacture of fabricated metal products
Spinteco Ltd Wholesale of machinery for use in industry
Strömdahl Bookkeeping Agency Ltd Book-keeping company /td>
Survival Academy of Finland Tourist assistance activities
Suukari Marine Ltd Building and repairing of boats
Teksla Ltd Investment and development company
Tiihonen Bookkeeping Agency Book-keeping and closing-of-accounts
Tin Cattle Ltd Retail sale of erotic products
Ti-Ma Bookkeeping and Notariate Service Book-keeping and closing-of-accounts
Tooth Laboratory Impladent Manufacture of dentures
TWR-Tools Ltd Wholesale of clothing and footwear
Virtual Show Finland Ltd Data processing
VitalMed Ltd Health Care Services
Wennemarz Ltd Medical Clinic for plastic surgery
Witikko Ltd Freight transport by road
Ähtäri Transport Ltd Freight transport by road
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